2013 memory video for Nicos and Gretchen

20 August 2013

Always in our hearts, we remember their passing 9 years ago this month

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In Memory of Nicos and Gretchen 2012

18 August 2012

8 years ago this month, In memory of them

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test your reading speed

27 May 2012

Got this link from my friend Mike’s site, Top of Texas Gazette. Take the test and compare your reading speed to the national average. I only averaged 454 words per minute but still thats 82 % faster than the national average! ;)

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

Roy L Spry Scrapbook

11 January 2012

Just uploaded a scan of my Grandfather’s scrapbook which he started in 1919

I will attempt to caption the many pages at some date ;)

Family Tree finds

10 January 2012

First of a very big THANK YOU to my beautiful bride for my brithday present of an ancestry.com subscription! :)

Although for the last few years I havent done a lot of research , I have been working on my roots for nearly 20 years now and was at a end of finding anything else substantial. I knew very little of my father’s family as my parents were divorced when I was only young. But as soon as I got my subscription back I was delighted to find a census record that showed my great fandfather Pierce “Perceval or Percy” Weikel! And on that record was his father and mother, Isaac and Amanda Weikel. Again I have to thank my wonderful wife for her help in “decodong” the writing, as some of these census takers back in the day had terrible handwriting! She was able to figure out his name was Isaac and from there it opened up a great deal of info eventually leading to the finding of my 10th great grandfather Hans Wageli (1610-1663) born and died in Lampertheim, Bergstrasse, Hessen, Germany! I’ve got so much information now that it is a bit overwhelming trying to add it all in to my genealogy program, but I do enjoy it immensely. I’ll be posting much more of this info as soon as I can, including some photos I’ve managed to find of some of my ancestors,

Maude_Pierce Weikel grave in Sunnyside Cemetery in Lavelle, Pa










I often find some very interesting things I wasnt expecting as well, but they always bring a smile to my face, esepcially when its something like this… I discovered that it was my 6th great grandfather, Johan Christopher Weigel,  who immigrated to the US in 1736 with his father John Michael Weigel. The info I found on him was that he was born in Pfungstadt, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany. I was curious about where this was in Germany so a quick search of it found me this map. Aside form seeing the genral location the next thing I noticed was a town just to the west of Pfungstadt… Hahn. It wouldnt mean so much to anyone else, but for me it brought a huge smile to my face and my heart. Why? Because my beautiful Alison’s family name is… HAHN! :)   click the image below to view full size



Perhaps just a coincidence in the end, but to me just one more sign in a long list of coincidences that Alison and I were destined to be together since the dawn of time :) Love you wife!


28 August 2011

Writing this off and on through the day Sunday. Lost power last night as well as cell service. We are all ok and fine. Lots of debris to clear up but no damage at all to house or property. A lot of the area experienced a lot of flooding and water damage. We worked this morning to clear the front yard and haul it all to the back to be disposed of at a later date.
We had power all through the first half of the storm but once the eye passed over the backside was worse than the front. Lots of heavy wind and rain. Soundside experienced a lot of flooding. A lot of homes at lower elevations had water inside. Listening to the local radio to get information as no one has any access to any news other than locals calling in to report. Getting updates from county management as well from the radio. News so far for power to our area is that they can’t get to the substation down the road from us. So the whole lower half of the county will be out of power for an indefinite time. Will try to post this as soon as I get a signal. More later.

Hurricane Irene 8/26 pm update

26 August 2011

The waiting game is in full swing and listening to the updates closely. Latest update at 2 shows the wind speed has dropped a small bit, but this is still a very large massive storm with potential for a lot of wind and rain. As well it is a slow moving system and we are expected to have a combo of tropical storm/hurricane conditions for approxiamately a 21 hour period, so the danger is still there in that respect. We’ve settled in now and all preparations are done. I’m trying not to eat up all the snack food we bought for the next few days, that’s a hard task as well for me ;) Just keeping an eye on the updates now. The outer bands have been moving through since the morning but not much to them, I just took a look outside and the cloud cover is becoming a lot heavier now so it will likely be a day or more before we see the sun again. Who knows what else we might see then!

I’ve been on the BBC Radio again ths year as well! another two minutes of fame for this year. lol I replied again to a story on the hurricane on their site and they contacted me requesting an interview. I did one last night for one of the local radio stions, can’t remember now which one, but just a quickie. Then this morning was contacted by BBC Radio Wales requesting one early this afternoon, which was fun to do, and just now got a call from the BBC London requsting one for this evening for one of their main news programs, or should I spell it, programmes!? I won,t bother trying to record it though. so don’t worry you will have to listen to the audio file! ;)

Back after a while for another update, long as we have power, Peace out from Grandy, NC Hurricane Central

Hurricane Irene 8/26 am update

26 August 2011

Waking this morning to a bit of better news, the storm has weakened even if only by a few miles an hour, category 2 now and hopefully no major intensification. Still going to be a lot of wind and rain in the area. Praying we will be spared any major damage. I grabbed this image showing the latest projected path of the storm (purple line) the red star is our house. too close for comfort!

We’re settled in and have made all our preparations, just a bit more tidying up of the yard to do this morning. Forecast calls for the outer bands of the storm to be moving in the area around midday. they have just reached the Cape Hatteras area this morning aound 5:30 am. Conditions will go downhill from there through the night bringing tropical storm force winds and heavy rain. Hurricane conditions are expected early Saturday morning. Anxious time now just waiting. You dont think about it so much when you’re busy doing things to get ready, but when the prep is all done and you’re just watching the news and weather, it gets to you a bit. To all our friends in the area, stay safe and pray for things to pass over without any major damage. More as it comes



Mobile test post

24 August 2011

Just test out my wordpress iPhone app in case we lose power in the coming storm. ;)

Watching Hurricane Irene

22 August 2011

Watching the news and keeping an eye on Irene. We’ve started today checking our supplies and getting a few things ready, never hurts to be prepared!

We’ve been lucky in the sense that this is the first hurricane of the season, unlucky in that it’s looking as it may head our way. We DO need the rain though! very badly , it has been very dry this summer. We’ll keep you udated as things progress.




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