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Evans- Outlaw Family Cemetery

The following is a complete list of the graves in Evans-Outlaw Family Cemetery, Poplar Branch, NC.
Photos taken May 5, 2005 by Chester Weikel. Transcription done by Janett Gale Outlaw Barnard. If you see any errors, please let me know by email. If you know of any not listed, we welcome the information and any photos you have.
You can also submit a transcription by filling out this submission form.
Underlined names indicate photos. No part of this document may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.


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Evans-Outlaw Cemetery Poplar Branch NC

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Barco, Louie EvansDec 30, 1891Aug 25, 1979Need Photo
[twin to Lewis Evans]
Beasley, Clarence G. May 1, 1900 Dec 18, 1963   Evans-Outlaw
Beasley, Clarence G. Sep 9, 1928 June 14, 1996 Cpl. US Army Korea Evans-Outlaw
Beasley, Katherine May Jun 25, 1930 Apr 16, 1999   Evans-Outlaw
Beasley, Martha C. July 7, 1941 Nov 24, 1941   Evans-Outlaw
Beasley, Mary J. Outlaw Jun 8, 1903 Mar 7, 1962   Evans-Outlaw
Beasley, Meredith B. Mar 11, 1936 Sept 27, 1936   Evans-Outlaw
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Evans, Phillip D Sept 26, 1888 Aug 30, 1924 Need Photo Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Mary Jane July 15, 1874 July 24 1896   Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Jesse Sept 19, 1842 Aug 31, 1903   Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Polly Aug 28, 1852 Aug 16, 1928 [w.o. Jesse Evans] Evans-Outlaw
Evans,Twin Infant Daughters Oct 13, 1882 Oct 21, 1882 [d.o. Jesse and Polly Evans] Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Infant   Nov, 1890 [s.o.Jesse and Polly] Need Photo Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Elijah 1883 Sept 1888 [s.o. Jesse and Polly] Evans-Outlaw
Evans, Lewis Dec 30 1891 Sept 24 1963 [s.o. Jesse & Polly Evans]
[twin to Louie Evans Barco]
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Jones, Infant Dec 29, 1937 Dec 29, 1937 child of Tilbert and Polly [Outlaw] Evans-Outlaw
Jones, Tilbert T. June 26, 1910 Feb 09, 1942 [1st h.o. Polly Outlaw [Lewis]] Evans-Outlaw
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Lewis, William T. 1958 1958 [s.o. James and Polly Lewis] Evans-Outlaw
Lewis, Bernice R. 1960 1961 [d.o. James and Polly Lewis] Evans-Outlaw
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Outlaw, Baby Girl     [no dates] Evans-Outlaw
Outlaw, Charles W. [Wood] Apr 17, 1930 May 3, 1985   Evans-Outlaw
Outlaw, Jennie E. Jul 10, 1904 Sept 11, 1983 footstone Evans-Outlaw
Outlaw, John H. Aug 11, 1876 Nov 3, 1931   Evans-Outlaw
Outlaw, Martha C. March 20, 1876 May 22,1955   Evans-Outlaw
Outlaw, Ricmond P. Oct 26, 1898 Oct 5, 1957 [footstone]Need Photo Evans-Outlaw
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Saunders, Iona Outlaw Sep 21, 1912 Oct 12, 1989   Evans-Outlaw
Saunders, Wilbur St. Claire Apr 3, 1914 Mar 12, 1997   Evans-Outlaw
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Many thanks to Janett Gale (Outlaw) Barnard for her work on transcribing this list.Images are for personal use only, not for redistribution