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Family Tree finds

10 January 2012

First of a very big THANK YOU to my beautiful bride for my brithday present of an subscription! :)

Although for the last few years I havent done a lot of research , I have been working on my roots for nearly 20 years now and was at a end of finding anything else substantial. I knew very little of my father’s family as my parents were divorced when I was only young. But as soon as I got my subscription back I was delighted to find a census record that showed my great fandfather Pierce “Perceval or Percy” Weikel! And on that record was his father and mother, Isaac and Amanda Weikel. Again I have to thank my wonderful wife for her help in “decodong” the writing, as some of these census takers back in the day had terrible handwriting! She was able to figure out his name was Isaac and from there it opened up a great deal of info eventually leading to the finding of my 10th great grandfather Hans Wageli (1610-1663) born and died in Lampertheim, Bergstrasse, Hessen, Germany! I’ve got so much information now that it is a bit overwhelming trying to add it all in to my genealogy program, but I do enjoy it immensely. I’ll be posting much more of this info as soon as I can, including some photos I’ve managed to find of some of my ancestors,

Maude_Pierce Weikel grave in Sunnyside Cemetery in Lavelle, Pa










I often find some very interesting things I wasnt expecting as well, but they always bring a smile to my face, esepcially when its something like this… I discovered that it was my 6th great grandfather, Johan Christopher Weigel,  who immigrated to the US in 1736 with his father John Michael Weigel. The info I found on him was that he was born in Pfungstadt, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany. I was curious about where this was in Germany so a quick search of it found me this map. Aside form seeing the genral location the next thing I noticed was a town just to the west of Pfungstadt… Hahn. It wouldnt mean so much to anyone else, but for me it brought a huge smile to my face and my heart. Why? Because my beautiful Alison’s family name is… HAHN! :)   click the image below to view full size



Perhaps just a coincidence in the end, but to me just one more sign in a long list of coincidences that Alison and I were destined to be together since the dawn of time :) Love you wife!

Fifteen minutes of fame

3 September 2010

Ok closer to 3 minutes but we’ll take it! LOL I metioned in one of the posts about hurricane Earl that we were contacted by BBC radio in London after I made a comment to one of their news articles which asked at the end for reader contributions about preparing for the hurricane. I was quite surprised actually when they called me later that evening and asked if we would mind to go on one of the radio programmes, 5Live and speak. We got quite a kick out of the idea and agreed. They got a bit of background info and we went on. Both of us were quite nervous, well me for sure! Anyway they thanked us and asked to share any photos or videos and such. Well we tried to get a few pics and a vid or two but with all that was happening preparing for the storm we didnt have time to get anything really good or interesting. Plus we were worn out as well. Anyway after that initail radio interview I guess they passed on the fact that Alison was from the Northeast of England to their colleagues in Newcastle which is near to Sunderland and the idea of them speaking to a local girl who was in North Carolina was to their liking. So out of the blue the next morning we get another call from BBC Newcastle. The number came upo blocked on my cell so I didnt answer it thinking it was work calling and wanting me to come in on my day off!  They left a voicemail and a number and since I still have a subscription on to Skype I called them back. They asked us if we would spend a few minutes to pre record an interview to air on their morning show “Alfie and Charlie at Breakfast” . We spent a little bit of time talking to a few of them there, very nice and friendly people they are! Anyway we did the interview and found out when it would be on. It aired this morning about half past 7  UK time, of course we snoozing, or trying to snooze. The wind and rain were whipping up a lot then. Wasn’t so bad as it could have been, the hurricane had weakend and was making a northeastward turn as we were going to bed so we were spared the brunt of the storm. Anyway we were back at work first thing this morning and didnt have power so we would have to wait until we returned to try and hear it. As it turned out I was only at work about an hour when my cell rang and it showed “blocked” ! Well I answered it and it was BBC Newcastle again saying the interview was picked up by the BBC London and broadcast all over! Being at work I didnt have a lot of time to talk but they said they want to do another one on how we made out and all. So they are supposed to get back with us to set a time for it. As for the interview we prerecorded it wasn’t until we got back home that we had a listen to it and I was able to record it. 

OK without further ado, here we are!

Our (Alison’s) interview on the BBC

Hurricane Earl Update, state of emergency

2 September 2010

This morning our county decalred a state of emergency when it began to issue evacuation orders for visitors in the outer banks part of the county. This state of emergency also suspends the sale of alcohol in the county, much to the dismay of many! lol well lucky we made our purchases yesterday!!

I suppose its a good thing they do this, I’m sure alcohol causes some stupid decisions/actions when it comes to hurricanes, but I’m sure many already have stocked up as we did!

Will have more pics and things on in a bit as we have a few more preparations to do before the weather gets bad, and Alison once again got an interview with BBC newcastle radio this morning! She’s a star now! They prerecorded an interview which will be braodcast in the morning on BBC  Newcastle radio tomorrow morning about 7:20 am UK time. Heres the link to the program for anyone interested to hear it!

Hurricane Earl is coming

1 September 2010
Just beginning preparations in the event Earl pass thru, which is looking very probable!
We’ve been out today getting stocked up; food, batteries and the necessary supplies (gin, wine and ciggies!)

Water storage in preparation

 Seriously though we are getting prepared, beginning to clear the yard and deck, storing water for the inevitable power outage that usually follows these things. I’ve learned from experience that having PLENTY of water on hand is the most important thing, After Isabel we had 8 days with no power, temps in the high 90′s and unberable high humidity. Believe me it was wonderful to be able to even wash up in a basin of water during those days, not to mention having a “flush” supply on hand! That year I did the normal “filling the bathtub” before the storm which I had never done and it was the best decision i made. But we cut it very close as the last day of no power we were down to the bottom of the tub! So this time in addition to the tub we have filled a few plastic totes with water in preparation. We’ve got about 50 gallons on hand so far and will fill some more tomorrow. I expect tomorrow will find evacuation orders issued for all the beach areas and probably Currituck as well, at least the Outer Banks portion of the county. We will monitor the track and strength and decide tomorrow if we are going to stay. As it stands now we will stay and hunker down. As is ususal today was a clear beautiful day, calm and hot. Calm befor the storm… check out our commentary if you’d like :)

Calm before the storm and More Calm before the Storm

The yard before the storm

Not sure what tomorrow and the next day will bring, but I am fully sure there will be a ton of debris on the lawn from the trees! not looking forward to that cleanup! Well thats it for now, more to follow, right now I have to go and get ready for an interview from the BBC radio show 5Live!! more on that later too!

Update – Wow! cant believe we just we interviewed by BBC Radio! 5 Live is the Radio station/programme. I posted a comment on their news story of the hurricane and I guess because we live in the area they wanted a report first hand, anyway I think it went well and they asked if they could possibly call again tomorrow when the storm is nearer. Alison is quite the reporter I think, me not so much LOL I get too nervous! 

Coincidence or Premonition?

14 July 2010

Personally I don’t believe there are any coincidences in life, but that’s not the purpose of this post and I’m not about to argue beliefs here

my scribbles at 8 years old

The things I scribbled in one of mom's books This is just something I wanted to share with any readers of this site when I was going through some of my mom's things a while back.

I remember as a kid always getting in trouble of sorts for being a bit mischievous in various things, one of which was seemingly a regular occurrence, that of taking a pen or pencil and adding my own content to her books on any blank pages I could find! :-o I did it rather frequently and I guess I never learned my lesson or maybe my mom didn’t want to stifle my creative talents. ;) Anyway even before finding this I had a recollection of writing  some words in some book at some period in time, those words being “cotten candy” As it happens when going through some boxes of books a few months ago I came across it again and for reasons to be explained in a minute I felt to post it here and let readers ponder if it was a sign of things to come. Here’s a scan of the page.  I will have to tkae a guess as to what age I was when doing this, guessing around at least 8 years of age as the writing is in cursive and It wasn’t until the third grade I think that we started using cursive writing. Could be a year or two later as it’s not to bad but still looks like early stages of cursive. Not so important what age really but suffice it to say I was young. Appears I didn’t know the correct spelling of cotton, but its what I was meaning to write as there is a drawing of it below the word.

"cotten candy"

"a premonition of things to come?"

Here’s a closeup of the page and rotated to see the words.

Ok so what’s so important about a kid writing a drawing about cotton candy in a book at a young age. Well as said earlier it could be coincidence I guess but I do have a remembrance of writing it. maybe at the time I had had some cotton candy somewhere or wanted some! Anyway to get to the point, when I met Alison online her screen name was Candyfloss. I hadn’t a clue what it meant until I asked her and as it turns out candyfloss if the British word for, you guess it, our American cotton candy!!

Now when we found this book when going through the boxes I showed it to Alison and of course we saw it as something more than a coincidence. Destiny and fate was before me from an early age! and though I remembered writing it I was sort of gobsmacked to see the drawing beside the words, scribble is more scribble highlightedlike it I guess, could be some extra terrestrial or just some random curves and lines. But it struck me instantly that it reminded me of a map of Cyprus! Ok its not quite exactly proportionate, but in a cruse way it resembles the outline  of the country that Candyfloss was living in when I met her!!! I admit it could be anything really, but still to this minute I see it as Cyprus and another sign that this was meant to be. Just for the records, here’s the outline of Cyprus


Map of Cyprus

yes granted it is very disproportionate, but still the basic shape is there to me and it struck me from seeing it that it looked like Cyprus, even a boy’s crude drawing.

Judge how you will whether its coincidence or a signs of my my future, but I always knew there was something out there I was supposed to do or someone to meet, and until I met Alison that feeling was always with me! Now I know why and what it all meant, whether anyone else believes it or not, I do! :)

Love you Mrs G xxx

Anniversary pics

16 February 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary Alison mou

14 February 2010

And Happy Valentine’s Day too Mrs G :)

I love you XXX

Valentine’s Day countdown!

5 February 2010

Valentine's Day countdown banner

and that many days to our 1st wedding anniversary! :)


31 January 2010

Some pics from yesterday’s snow here in Grandy NC

Fun but cold!!

Welcome to Permanent Resident Alison Michelle :)

3 September 2009

Hey Americano! Welcome to the Umited States of America!

From and including the date of filing the fiance visa petiton:  Wednesday, May 28, 2008
To and including the approval of permanent residency: Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is 457 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 1 year, 3 months including the end date

457 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 39,484,800 seconds
  • 658,080 minutes
  • 10,968 hours
  • 65 weeks (rounded down)

Sure seemed a whole lot longer, especially the part where we were separated by an ocean! But looking in retrospect and after reading of many who have spent years trying to get this done, we really have got it sorted very fast. Just today we got the Notice of action for our I485 filing, even though it was official as of last Thursday, it’s nice finally seeing it in writing and on an official document. :)

Welcome Alison :)

797 welcome

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