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Merry Christmas from Jesus and Friends at Ross Dept Store

12 December 2010

We were shopping the other day at Ross Dept store in Norfolk and passed down one of the aisles where they have those various figurines. This caught our eye and we couldn’t resist taking a pic :)  Not meaning to be sacriligious, just found it funny… Pictures speak louder than words, so here it is, Merry Christmas from Jesus and friends ;)

Merry Christmas

Our First Christmas Tree

12 December 2008

Our first Christmas treeToday marks one of the ‘firsts’ for us with so many more still to come. This one is very special though. We have always had a hard time being apart on holidays; Christmas being especially hard for us. Today we went and bought a tree together and some decorations. We put on some Christmas msic and had a lovely evening filled with such a tremendous happiness of sharing something we have dreamed of for quite a while. We had bought the ingredients to make mulled wine but feeling a bit worn out form a long day of shopping we thought better to pass on it tonight or we would never have got the tree done! ;)

I’ve not taken the time to post anything since Alison arrived,  we’ve been doing a lot of ‘catching up’ :) I will post a better update on things soon, but for now we are settling in just wonderfully and so very happy being together. Her flight over was good and was actually a little early arriving. She made it through immigration very quickly too. The time difference so far hasnt been too bad a problem and shes adjusting well to that , maybe wakign a bit early in the morings but usually managing to get back to sleep. the weather has been rainy but warm the first couple of days. It cleared up nice today but getting a little colder today. Just made it feel more like the Christmas season.

Ok time for some more catching up.. :) speak to you all soon and thanks for all the congratulations and comments and mails!

Holidays in Cyprus

18 February 2008
Public Holidays in Cyprus
New Year’s Day 1 January
Epiphany 6 January
Green Monday (Monday of Lent) 10 March
Greek Independence Day 25 March
Greek Cypriot National Day 1 April
Good Friday 25 April
Holy Saturday 26 April
Easter Sunday* 27 April*
Easter Monday 28 April
May Day / Labour Day 1 May
Whit Monday/Pentecost/Kataklysmos 16 June
Assumption Day 15 August
Cyprus’ Independence Day 1 October
Greek National Day (Ochi Day) 28 October
Christmas Eve 24 December
Christmas Day 25 December
Boxing Day 26 December
*Western (Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant) Easter as normally celebrated in the UK is on 23 March 2008.

We got Elfed!

11 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your dancing elf hosts Alison & Chester
Love to all!

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Happy Holidays

5 December 2007

Happy Holidays

5 December 2007

May you all be so richly blessed this holiday season!
Love, Alison and Chester

Elle Knew

22 August 2004

This is a copy of an original post by MIKE from my my old forum

Garazon and the "Black Sheep" go way back, even before we started calling ourselves by that name.  He and I both had small communities, and joined each other's for support.   I like to think we had an instant "connection", seeing in each other a thirst for knowledge, an open mind, and a sensitive nature.


From the bulk mail folder

16 February 2004

This is a copy of an original post from my my old forum

With all the free email companies using stronger spam filters, I've made it a habit to check the bulk mail folder daily, just to make sure something I want doesn't go unnoticed. most porn and spam is readily identified. Computer generated subjects and senders are almost always recognizable. It used to be a majority of it had random numbers and letters as the subject, "qye6huTo9" or blatantly obvious titles like S.L.U.T.S or "free porn". And then there are some who get a bit tricky, like using your own screenname as the sender, it can be deceptive. Recently I've been overloaded with spam that will have a plain name as the sender, ie: Lori, Jill, Richard, Bob, etc. and the subject would be Re:Fw(fw). I guess thats to make you think someone has replied to a message you forwarded, and I'm sure sooner or later those random names will finally coincide with someone you actually correspond with. However as I don't forward mail (except to myself at other accounts, I know none of these is legitimate. Well the latest fad seems to make the "from" and "subject" create a message in itself. And some of them are actually amusing, not amusing enough to open them though Wink
Here's a sampling:

From Subject
When You're This Big, They call You Mister
If Thong is wrong Send me to Hell
knockdown treeswith yourGiant LovePump
Alexis Shows Pink Taco
. .
. .