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Remembering mom

22 June 2011

Miss you mom. Can’t believe it’s been two years already. Know you’re always in our thoughts. Love you.

If I could write a story

It would be the greatest ever told

Of a kind and loving mother

Who had a heart of gold


If could write a million pages

But still be unable to say, just how

Much I love and miss her

Every single day


I will remember all she taught me

I’m hurt but won’t be glum

‘coz she’ll send me down the answers

And she’ll always be MY Mum



Happy Birthday Mary Catherine

21 January 2011

Miss you, love you

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Coincidence or Premonition?

14 July 2010

Personally I don’t believe there are any coincidences in life, but that’s not the purpose of this post and I’m not about to argue beliefs here

my scribbles at 8 years old

The things I scribbled in one of mom's books This is just something I wanted to share with any readers of this site when I was going through some of my mom's things a while back.

I remember as a kid always getting in trouble of sorts for being a bit mischievous in various things, one of which was seemingly a regular occurrence, that of taking a pen or pencil and adding my own content to her books on any blank pages I could find! :-o I did it rather frequently and I guess I never learned my lesson or maybe my mom didn’t want to stifle my creative talents. ;) Anyway even before finding this I had a recollection of writing  some words in some book at some period in time, those words being “cotten candy” As it happens when going through some boxes of books a few months ago I came across it again and for reasons to be explained in a minute I felt to post it here and let readers ponder if it was a sign of things to come. Here’s a scan of the page.  I will have to tkae a guess as to what age I was when doing this, guessing around at least 8 years of age as the writing is in cursive and It wasn’t until the third grade I think that we started using cursive writing. Could be a year or two later as it’s not to bad but still looks like early stages of cursive. Not so important what age really but suffice it to say I was young. Appears I didn’t know the correct spelling of cotton, but its what I was meaning to write as there is a drawing of it below the word.

"cotten candy"

"a premonition of things to come?"

Here’s a closeup of the page and rotated to see the words.

Ok so what’s so important about a kid writing a drawing about cotton candy in a book at a young age. Well as said earlier it could be coincidence I guess but I do have a remembrance of writing it. maybe at the time I had had some cotton candy somewhere or wanted some! Anyway to get to the point, when I met Alison online her screen name was Candyfloss. I hadn’t a clue what it meant until I asked her and as it turns out candyfloss if the British word for, you guess it, our American cotton candy!!

Now when we found this book when going through the boxes I showed it to Alison and of course we saw it as something more than a coincidence. Destiny and fate was before me from an early age! and though I remembered writing it I was sort of gobsmacked to see the drawing beside the words, scribble is more scribble highlightedlike it I guess, could be some extra terrestrial or just some random curves and lines. But it struck me instantly that it reminded me of a map of Cyprus! Ok its not quite exactly proportionate, but in a cruse way it resembles the outline  of the country that Candyfloss was living in when I met her!!! I admit it could be anything really, but still to this minute I see it as Cyprus and another sign that this was meant to be. Just for the records, here’s the outline of Cyprus


Map of Cyprus

yes granted it is very disproportionate, but still the basic shape is there to me and it struck me from seeing it that it looked like Cyprus, even a boy’s crude drawing.

Judge how you will whether its coincidence or a signs of my my future, but I always knew there was something out there I was supposed to do or someone to meet, and until I met Alison that feeling was always with me! Now I know why and what it all meant, whether anyone else believes it or not, I do! :)

Love you Mrs G xxx

Anniversary pics

16 February 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary Alison mou

14 February 2010

And Happy Valentine’s Day too Mrs G :)

I love you XXX

Welcome to Permanent Resident Alison Michelle :)

3 September 2009

Hey Americano! Welcome to the Umited States of America!

From and including the date of filing the fiance visa petiton:  Wednesday, May 28, 2008
To and including the approval of permanent residency: Thursday, August 27, 2009

It is 457 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 1 year, 3 months including the end date

457 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 39,484,800 seconds
  • 658,080 minutes
  • 10,968 hours
  • 65 weeks (rounded down)

Sure seemed a whole lot longer, especially the part where we were separated by an ocean! But looking in retrospect and after reading of many who have spent years trying to get this done, we really have got it sorted very fast. Just today we got the Notice of action for our I485 filing, even though it was official as of last Thursday, it’s nice finally seeing it in writing and on an official document. :)

Welcome Alison :)

797 welcome

Easter Sunday in Maple Park

12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

100_7653 Even though it was very cool and very windy this morning, Alison and I braved the weather and set out for the nearby park this morning to have our first Easter together. The park, Maple Park,  is about a 10 minute drive from home, right next to the Currituck Airport. Maple Park Its built on what used to be the county landfill I think. Well I know its built on the site where the landfill used to be, but I am assuming they did what a lot of similar landfills across the country have done and that is to cover them up and create parks where once was an eyesore. This particular one has a nice size man made water area, supporting fish and several species of wildfowl. There are about a dozen or so geese generally there on the water as well as several varieties of songbirds and usually a pair of wood ducks that we usually see every time we go to the park. We didnt see them today which was rather strange realy. Not sure if they have taken off for the season or they were just in the bushes trying to make a family! ;)
We’ve got some pictures and vidseos of the these two ducks one of us will post sooner or later, either here or Alison will put it on her blog. I cant say the ducks and geese are completely tame although you can get very close to some of them and the ducks have several times come up and taken bread right out of Alison’s hands. This particular park in the county has several areas around the park where you can grill. There is a good size pavillion where large groups can be accommodated and 3 or 4 gazebos


around the park near the water side that each have a grill and table. Being as cold and windy as it was but still very sunny we looked first to see if any of the spots were having even the slightest bit of sun hitting even one seat.  Unfortunately it wasnt to be today and we had to brave the cool breeze and  deal with it. Being familiar with the sort of grilling that goes on around holidays in Cyprus and which Alison has posted about recently on her blog, I thought it would be nice to try and recreate the atmosphere a bit, even if it was on a smaller scale than what they do there by making up a few lamb kebabs. It was also my first time trying lamb actually and I have to admit I liked it! :) Its got a unique taste and I suppose to some its not appealing but I found the taste very nice and flavourful and very tender too.Well maybe that part had somethign to do with the preparation by having a skilled meatcutter remove all the gristle and cutting the lamb leg up into nice lean pieces. ;) I coated the meat with olive oil and a little oregano and salt and pepper and then threaded them on the skewers, alternating with pieces of onion.


It was really just a bit too cool to be out doing this sort of thing but we had our minds made up and plodded on through. In the midst of trying to get the grill going and trying to get things going quick we forgot to put the potatoes and onions on the grill first as we had planned, but only remembered them about the time the kebabs were nearly done. Well we put some more coals on the grill and had a flame going that would fuel a nice nice furnace and a few minutes of having those packets of aluminum foil wrapped potatoes and onions atop that heat had the contents nearly steamed in minutes! ok not as good as they would have been if slow cooked but edible none the less and by this time anything warm was great eating!

this post or any on this blog wouldnt be complete without me mentioning how wonderful and amazing life and love can be. Another in a  long list of signs we have seen over these last few years is this heart shape that formed at the bottom of one of the Easter eggs Alison made yesterdaywhen she set it in the tray to dry. I guess some could say its just coincidence, but irregardless it made me smile and know that everything is meant to be in this world. We may never understand the whys and hows, but love never fails100_7662

Happy Easter to all!

Wedding pics are here!

17 February 2009

More to come soon! :)

Countdown time again!

3 February 2009

wedding ticker

Alison and I are going to have the first of our two planned wedding ceremonies, the first one being a very romantic private service with only two witnesses attending: we have to have this service to oblige the immigration visa rules , but still we want it to be very special and it will be of course , saying I do to the woman I have loved and adored since we met on Christian Mingle Singles site 3 years back , who would have thought 2 people could fall in love without ever meeting face to face …..We did and its felt so perfect since day one.
The second ceremony we plan to hold around end of May or beginning of June , its not easy as we really would love to give the chance everyone including Alison’s relatives and friends from overseas to attend, not an easy task being across the other end of the Ocean ,but hopefully things will work out , having kids studying in different places and doing different things is one of the things to consider , and its a big expense nowadays to fly across the sky, oh to win the lottery and pay everyone’s tickets !
This is bascially a copy of what alison has on her blog, but I can say the exact same things, It really is feeling very exciting to me now , I feel like a young teenager again also, I am so in love and so ready to have Ms Markides become Mrs. Weikel ( :
this Valentines day is going to be Very Special and I cant wait.
As soon as we have the second date confirmed we will inform everyone so be ready and watch this spot… or this spot… ;)

luv ya Mrs G XXXX

Happy Birthday Alison mou!

18 December 2008

Pics from Alison’s first birthday in America :)

We had a lovely dinner at BJ’s restaurant in Jarvisburg. Mom bought us dinner and had made arrnagements to have the table decorsted with flowers and gifts and we were joined for dinner by Tracey, Megan and Grace and Phil and his wife Kathy. afterwards it was a stop by tracey’s house where she and the kids had made a cake and more flowers and presents. Just a wonderful evening we had. Happy Birthday Mrs G! I love you! xxx

Alison’s Birthday

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