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Backyard Blogging

9 August 2008

Ah the wonders of a notebook and and a wifi connection! :) Sitting out on the deck now on my second day off of this three day break. A much needed one too I might add. I was worried these days off would be similar to the ones we have had all month with heat indexes near 100 every day, but my break was blessed with a couple of days of cooler temps and a nice breeze today. Unfortunately the wind is coming from the North and the house is blocking most of it, but still its nice out here. With one exception, the heat pump unit is right here at the end of the deck so its always running this time of year and sometimes a nuisance. I guess over the years you get used to it though. I was thinking to have a Skype session with my baby here in a bit, but i dont know if she can hear me over the noise. worth a try though, I love hearing my Geordie girl’s voice, music to my ears. That really is one of the best programs we have used to keep in contact. Most times its crystal clear and no lag at all, amazing to me continuously how technology has advanced even from a couple of years ago. Her I am sitting out on the deck of my home, a wireless connection on this laptop and I took the pic above with my phone and sent it straight to the pc to put in this post. And with the built in webcam I can put in my own photo of me sitting here…

Pretty cool huh? Now let me add the tags and other little tidbits and I’ll post it right to my website. Just a few years ago this would have taken half a day to do probably to get the thumbnails and edit the html.. love it, 10 minutes tops to do this all, just still amazes me  now let me get this done and get on with more importsnt things, like loving up my Cyprus Angel! She’s off too today! ;)

Summer petunias

5 August 2008

A sort of unique colour of petunias on the deck. Mom’s taken a lot of care with the flowers, especially with the heat this summer.

Power outage in Currituck

29 July 2008

A widepread power outage has occurred in Currituck County this evening. I’m assuming it was caused by a severe thunderstorm that passed through the middle and upper parts of the county. I reported it to Dominion Power and just informed it was a widespread outage and should be ban by 8:30 PM. it went off around 6:30 PM. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so freaking hot! We didn’t get any of the actual storm here except a few drops of rain. Lot of thunder in the distance though. Must have been a right good amount of damage to cause it widespread like this. I did speak to a friend who lives in the lower part of the county, in Harbinger, as he was coming over to play chess tonight. He reports they still have power there. Glad I have this iPhone and the WordPress app! But unfortunately I was playing a game on it and the battery is low :-( oh well. I will save what’s left to mail my baby tonight ;) just in case

Safari browser on iPhone

25 July 2008


I’ve just been playing with this new WordPress app on my phone and thought I’d add some screen shots of the Safari web browser on the phone. It’s a great browser actually with exception of it not having the best ‘flash’ support and rarely do embedded flash objects render anything other than that little blue icon occupying the space. One of the things in this latest software update was the ability to grab screen caps very easily, holding the power button and home button down simultaneously for a couple of seconds and releasing them will capture the screen image to your photo library on the phone. Sweet!

The first image is the site as it appears when a page is loaded.(unless the photos appear in reverse order from the way I added them, another test…)

however a quick double tap in a certain area will bring the view closer as in the middle picture. Also the zoom can be accomplished by using two fingers pn tne touch screen and spreading them apart over the area.



Here you can see it’s very easy to read the post itself or any area in the page.

Just amazed me to see these sort of abilities when I think it hasn’t been that many years ago I first used Internet Explorer 3 on my PC! Wonder what’s coming in a year or two?!!

Note – posted edited online later as images are only posted inline from the web app at present.

Indoor cookout

23 July 2008

Well sort of indoors, it’s on the loading dock in the back of the store I work with the large doors open and a good breeze. Don’t try this at home though!!
It was Associate Appreciation day and management was treating us to a nice lunch. Just trying still to figure out how much we are appreciated when we ended up doing the cooking and cleaning and preparing? :-/ well hey it’s a free lunch and we got paid ;) a few not so good pics following this link – (more…)