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Yet Another Theme Change!

27 July 2008

And I pray the last~ lol First of all , apologies to anyone visiting the site the last couple or evenings and being suddenly lost in a  completely different layout from one page to another, or one visit to another! :o) if you’ve been here within the last few days you may have seen or read the post where I had some trouble with the original theme just having a few bits of trouble with the latest WordPress upgrade, nothing major but it threw off the look of the sidebar widgets just a little bit, well no one would probably have noticed but me, but its those little things get on my nerves, I dont mind if most of the posts I make are lacking any real depth or information, but I want the site to look right at least. Well I have had my eye on this template now for a long time, the link to the original is still in the footer as it is mostly their work still. The only trouble was that it wasn’t ‘widget ready’ as it was advertised to be. Well yes it had a sidebar that could be edited manually, but I wanted to be able to use the widget administration capabilities available with the last couple of versions of WordPress. Just makes it simpler IF I do change a theme, the widgets are carried over to he next template without a lot of work. anyway I confess to not having any grand knowledge of the workings of a wordPress template. Well some of it. I’m fairly adept, if I say so myself, at playing around with the CSS and even adding a few codes here and there. But when it came to understanding how to make the sidebar widgets ‘editable’ (if that’s the word) from the admin area I was clueless. Well I have had this template now a few moths I think, even had the image header set up and couldn’t wait to use it! it was only then after I uploaded and activated it I realised it wasn’t working 100%. Well i have looked and looked how to widgetize a sidebar and to be honest i was lost trying to understand what to do. So that’s the reason I had that other theme going and I made that header image that I thought was very artistic :) Well you can see where the inspiration of it came from, I had this header image already in my head and really wanted to use it. Anyway this evening I was sitting around just messing with the site and css and the thought struck me… what if I replace the sidebar php page of this theme with one from a theme that had a single simple working sidebar already in place. My first attempt was a bit disappointing though. the sidebar appeared at the top of the page and that wouldn’t do. Well i got to looking at a few of the sidebar php files of a few different themes and happened to notice that most all of them had a specific ‘id’ in the HTML division tag at the beginning… EUREKA! I changed the id to the original one called for, refreshed the page and I was ECSTATIC! :) Can it really be this simple?? Oh I love this theme, even more than the one I had up originally. Its everything I wanted, a prominent place to show my Alison Michelle and me together first, then the layout is clean and simple and, to me, very easy to navigate and view the content too. The color scheme is pleasing to me as well. I just like it period. this is the one I will keep, just pray I don’t run into any trouble by failing to fix something else I don’t know about yet. Well as always with these theme changes, if you notice anything out of whack anywhere or any errors you encounter, please let me know. I’ll see what I can do to straighten it out.

WordPress App is here!

22 July 2008

The One App I have been waiting for is out this morning in the App Store, WordPress for iPhone!! Whoohoo!! :-) thanks guys!

Edited 5:00 pm – I posted that message early this morning via the app the minute I got the setup done. It works beautifully. Now that I’m off work for today I will play a bit more, including this edit being done right from the phone. Sweet!! I’ve already tested out posting photos as you see in the entry above. Works great and allows multiple photos as well. I could only post one pic at a time to blogger and I had to email that, then import the post to WordPress! :o) so this will save a lot of time and steps! Great app guys, awesome release! My FAVOURITE APP!!

Edit 2 6:14 pm from the PC -  OK I’ve played a bit with this wonderful app and give it rave reviews right out of the box all around. The one feature I have been looking for is being able to post a photo from my phone right straight to a blog post. I would have settled for posting even just one pic at a time, but the wonderful developers at Automattic have given us the ability to post several, either taken right from the camera or added from the photo library of the cell! Amazing, I have waited so long for this. Previously, in order to post a pic form the cell I would have to wait until I got home and then copied the image to my PC and posted it, or another way was to email the photo to a blogger email address that I previously set up to use with my blogger mobile site, it automatically made a post with it. then arriving home at some point I would import the post into my blog and go and delete the one on blogger. a lot of work and steps! :( but it worked ;)

I was/am using a nice little plug-in called Wphone that lets me access the admin section of my blog through a nice interface, but the one thing is was lacking was being able to post photos. There was another plug-in I used, cant remember the name of it now, but I could write a post by email and I set up a special email account just for that. one the mail was sent I could access a certain page on my site and it would import the email as a post, but I never had a lot of use for it, it was just a bit cumbersome in a way, sometimes it would import, sometimes not.. gone…

So anyway I was tickled to death to see WordPress developing this App, and I’m sure a lot of others are as well judging from the comments there at the WordPress for iPhone blog.

As I said this is the first release of it and I am sure there will be a lot of updates and maybe some slick features added in the future as its an open source program and some of the best contributors working on it. But its still fantastic just like it is and as long as I can put a pic from my phone to my blog in just a couple of clicks I am set :)  not that I don’t have my wish list already for it though! ;)

here’s what I would like to see at some point

WordPress iPhone App wishlist

  • Comments support – managing, viewing, approval/deletion
  • more image display options – thumbnail size, alignment
  • Tags-  displaying click tags, adding a default tag to any post from the phone (ie. mobile post, iPhone post, etc)
  • Something else I’m sure will come to mind ;)

I see this as a really big step to mobile blogging, not only with WordPress, but any of the other blogging apps available or in the works. The iPhone is an ideal mobile blogging computer and I think that apps like this are going to open up a whole new world of blogging, for better or for worse in a lot of cases, but definitely a welcome change :) Thanks again to the development team for a great application! Cheers!

iPhone update part iDeux

18 July 2008


Here’s what all the fuss was about last week for the mad rush to download the new iPhone 2.0 software, its that little blue icon on the lower left of the screen, the iTunes App Store. the software allows you to download all these apps right to the phone now and they run from there, instead of the old way of using web applications, which really were useless with an EDGE connection, well not useless but definitely slower than if you were near a WiFi spot. 

With the limitation of the EDGE network’s download speed, there weren’t many fancy apps available, and games were often prone to just freezing or stopping or just not working right. I think Apple realised the limitations of web apps and saw their future limited even though I think they would have preferred to stay with them and keep the iPhone’s proprietary programs all bundled in the phone. I believe  personally that it was the success that people were having hacking the software and using the phone as you would a regular computer and downloading apps straight to the cell and running them from there, jailbreaking is what it came to be called and it was becoming a very easy thing to do, sure Apple would come out with a new update and in essence lock up those jailbroken ones, but guess what? In just a couple of days time the sly hackers found a way to jail break the new software. Apple must have seen an endless task ahead in trying to counter each of these new methods as they came up, so it was in their best interest I think to do just what they did , give the people what they want, a real mobile computer with the ability to run their own programs.. well there’s the are still limited to only the ones available in the App Store. Well its not going to get rid of those using jailbroken phones by a long shot, but it is giving those who just prefer to do things the ‘right’ way a chance to have these apps available in what is a very controlled way (meaning the apps are safe to use and have gone through plenty of checks). I see it as its a start to what I am sure will be an even greater version of the iPhone in years to come, something even more powerful and faster than anything we have imagined… OK maybe I’m dreaming but there is just something about an iPhone that’s different from any other web enable mobile device, it works well. :) I had a Windows Mobile phone before this and it was nice I admit but it was a pain to get things done and buggy too.. the iPhone is the simplest thing I have ever used and a very unique design.

Anyway all of this aside, after I finally managed to get that much anticipated update  I was off to the App Store  to see what goodies were there.. As I said in the post that first day I was a bit disappointed actually as I saw a good number of things that really were not worth any amount of money, not to belittle the efforts of those developing them. but they are just crappy, bottom line. There were of course a few jewels there and I am very sure some of the best are yet to come as its a whole new world here with these things and I’m sure some of the major players are waiting to see how things pan out before submitting their final efforts.  I know a few are in the works and I am checking every day now to see if the WordPress app has been released yet. hint hint

I’ve already given my wish list of apps I’d like see developed, so now i will list the ones I have found to be my favourites… so far… WordPress are you there yet? ;) .

  1. AOL Radio  (entertainment) (free) Amazing app and I was surprised to see another music service on the iTunes App store but I have no doubt its going to be good business for both companies. amazing streaming Internet radio, Even on the limited stations available on the EDGE network. a must have app! YT video
  2. Google Apps (Utility) (free) I already have many of the Google mobile apps built in through the web but this accesses them all from one screen and remembers my info
  3. Pandora  (entertainment) (free) Another very good streaming music App.. YouTube  video
  4. Aurora Feint (game) (free) Now you have to see this amazing game to appreciate the awesome graphics and the game play, I cant believe its a free game and I have already spent too much time on it, very addictive and fun. they even have a YT channel! you have to see this to appreciate it. Only thing is make sure you are having your charger near as its intense graphics and sounds suck that thing down quick! ;)
  5. Spinblox (game)(NOT free) this is the only one I have purchased as I loved this game to pass some time and was one of the web apps I had. Had to get it. and this native application is having a better graphic system and more options than the web based one. just a personal favourite and of course there is a Youtube video demonstration
  6. Facebook  (Utility) (free) Simple interface to access your Facebook account YT video
  7. MySpace (Utility) (free) Simple interface to access your MySpace account YT Video
  8. WeatherBug (Utility) (free) its a weather report and forecast thing.. duh.. but its cool. I like these weather things
  9. Light (utility) (free) – Probably the simplest app there is, just  a blank white screen that gives off a very good light in the middle of the night! There are probably half a dozen flashlight apps available but I think this is the only free one and it works perfectly. Why would anyone pay for something like this?? and a YT video demonstration!
  10. Evernote – (Utility) (free)  Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment (text, voice recording, photo) and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.
  11. PhoneSaber… (entertainment) (free) ok that’s more than 10 but I love this little gizmo! its a screen with a Star Wars light saber on it and using the accelerometers built into the iPhone, it makes different realistic sounds of the light sabers in the movie when you swing the phone around. Ok I am easily amused sometimes… hey there’s even a demonstration vid on YT of it! cool!


I’ll be watching in the coming days and weeks for anything else that comes along that seems interesting to me.

iPhone 2.0 Software Update

11 July 2008

Waiting on the iPhone software update to become available for download, thought it would be available early in the morning, but its not posted yet, I guess with the new iPhones already having it installed they arent so keen to have us old iPhone owners having a glimpse of the new toys before the ones shelling out $ for the new ones ;) Well I will just have to wait I guess. I just noticed they changed the site in the last few minutes, Apple – iPhone – Software Update , so maybe its getting close. they opened the Apps store yesterday and I had a look through the many that are available in a lot of areas. Was still disappointed there is no video recording for the iPhone, or MMS either. I do see a few things look interesting, for one a voice recorder. Hard to believe this being a phone and it not having audio recording capabilities in the original. I see a few games that I have used in the web apps format are going to be available so that should be nice to not have to wait for the game to load in the browser each time I want to play it.

I haven’t seen much in the way of utilities yet that appear to be of much interest to me in the apps store but I know one is in the works, just waiting first for the phone release at 8 A.M. this morning I guess. Its WordPress for iPhone (nonworking link now? :( site is gone?!), and I really want that one! To be able to post to the blog from my iPhone without a lot of redirection through plugins and the safari browser is just what I want, and especially being able to post photos straight from the phone, Excellent!! Thanks in advance for what I know is going to be my favourite App! :)
Well let me go check iTunes to see if the update is there yet… nope :( well I will just have to have another coffee and wait to try at 8.. hope this isn’t part of a lot of hype, I have heard people have got it somehow, whether by mistake or through a staggered release.. who knows.. I know I shouldn’t get so excited about something like this but i love my tech toys! lol like a kid I am in so many ways sometimes.. Updates to follow…

UPDATE: OK here i am over three hours later finally getting my phone working and updated to 2.0 :( must have been a hell of a lot of users trying to activate the phones, and for some unknown reason the software update had to be finished by accessing the iTunes store ? Well a million others are trying to activate their new 3G phones and then the old iPhone owners are trying to get the software at the same time, sort of ridiculous to me to not expect chaos on the servers.. Well my phones working again and I can get to the apps store from it but not through iTunes .. anyway I cant see but a few improvements so far, still cant find a simple audio recorder that allows you to email the audio either.. Well long as I can get the WordPress app soon I will be happy :) UPDATE: the WordPress site linked to above is not online at some times, still hope the WordPress app is coming soon

In regards to the update I have to report as just 5 minutes ago I finally managed to get the iPhone completely synced with iTunes. Guess traffic to the servers is finally clearing up now. Only took me from 8:00 am this morning until 3:30 this afternoon to be completely set up and getting the update installed. I have a feeling this wont be a source of pride for Apple on the much hyped release of the new 3G iPhone. Still boggles my mind how they would have the release of the 2.0 software to existing phone users and activation of new phones all on the same day. I think they would have been better severed to give the old iPhone users the update a day or two ago, or even a day or two after the new phones went on sale. How can they can say it was more traffic than they anticipated. Many places were reporting low inventories of phones for sale to begin with, and Apple had to know how many phones were out there, and then the existing users, well you know each of them was going to want to update as soon as possible.. well they didn’t ask me did they?! ;)  All in all as far as the actual update itself it went smoothly and the phone even seems to be working faster to me on the regular apps as far as loading and use. maybe its just being without it all day that I think its faster now! ;) I can’t really say I am overwhelmed with the quality of the apps that are available, and some seem way overpriced, as many appear to be just slightly enhanced bits of sample codes form the SDK. Still disappointed at what seems a ack of genuine productivity Apps. I’m not a coder by any means, but how hard can it be to be able to attach an audio voice note to an email?? Seems something basic to me, but then again I am just an end user with little coding experience. Perhaps there are still some good apps in development and I wouldn’t mind paying for any that worth their salt, most I see are just fluff and glitter.. the ones I have tired and pleased with are the Facebook App, the Google App, AOL radio, and one of the simplest yet most useful is a flashlight App from and its free :) , in fact all of these i have listed are. Now I don’t mind a bit to pay for one that is superior, but these free ones are superior to many or all that are being charged for  IMHO

Lets hope this isnt the shape of things to be for this App Store as it hasn’t impressed me in the least bit. the only thing so far I have noticed form the update is as I mentioned , maybe a bit more of the core speed of the OS, and the fact I can delete multiple mails at once now. What could and should have been a great show for Apple has been a complete disaster as far as public relations and the image of the iPhone it seems at the moment, but once this is passed and developement of the apps begin in earnest, I see good things ahead. love my iPhone!

Feedjit Geo-Traffic Stats

27 June 2008

Pretty cool tool this Feedjit widget! ;) here’s a list of visits by country to the Den (another thing that’s pretty cool os I posted this using ScribeFire, an extension for the Firefox web browser, which is also very cool! Kudos all around!

Geo-Traffic today on

United States [55%]
United Kingdom [9%]
Cyprus [3%]
Australia [3%]
India [3%]
Philippines [2%]
Ireland [2%]
South Korea [2%]
Canada [2%]
Vietnam [2%]
Netherlands [1%]
Austria [1%]
Saudi Arabia [1%]
South Africa [1%]
Puerto Rico [1%]
European Union European Union [1%]
Germany [1%]
Greece [1%]
Singapore [1%]
Italy [1%]
Poland [1%]
Thailand [1%]
Spain [1%]
Slovakia [1%]
France [1%]

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iLove my iPhone

9 June 2008

I’ve intended to do a post about the iPhone before I ever had one, but have always put it off. Well with the new release being announced and the new software update soon scheduled I guess now is as good a time as any. I also seem to have a few more thoughts about it all now to share as well. First the title of the post says it all, I do love my iPhone! :) I do love gadgets and from the moment the iPhone came into being, I wanted one. I could never justify spending that much money for one though. Still think it was overpriced to begin with, but they did soon drop the price from its debut of $599 to $499, but it was still out of my reach. Well this past January I got one of the best birthday presents ever when my daughter and son inlaw Tracey and James got me one!! I’m sure most have seen one or how they work. And they do live up to the hype in my opinion. Could they be improved? definitely! I was a bit disappointed to realise you couldn’t take a video on them, nor is MMS supported, and there isn’t even a basic audio recording ability built in! I maybe can understand the video capability and MMS being left out, but no audio notes? It’s a phone for Pete’s sake, you speak into it! How can you not be able to record your voice? Well these things missing aside I still love it and it does perform well, a nice email client, GREAT touch keyboard, a nice camera, a Safari web browser that views actual web pages instead of a mobile version (you can still choose mobile versions of most sites too if you want, but I like the real view), and a YouTube video playe built in as well. Along with all this it’s an iPod as well storing your audio and videos by way of iTunes. Over all the most impressive thing is its ease and simplicity of use. Oh and it’s a phone too, ;) I just like it, a lot! :)
Today they announced the release of the new iPhone, a blazing 3G version, which has been long awaited, especially those in other countries that are having access to this higher speed standard. It’s really only available here in the States in selected large metropolitan areas, which Currituck County ain’t! ;) Well i’m not really so interested in that so I’m not wanting to run out and upgrade this one I have. And I think that most of the new software available on the new ones I will be able to get anyway when they release the 2.0 software version in early July. (It was scheduled for today, hence my reason for having the iPhone on my mind) The Apple site has a preview of the new goodies, but sadly I dont see any reference to any of the ones I was thinking were lacking in the original being included in this upgrade. :( but that’s yet to be seen. They are also opening an Apps Store where you can get programs to download to your phone, costs ranging from Free to $9.99. well there’s where we will see what cool things we can look forward to, maybe even an audio recorder :) well that’s to be seen in July too. I’m excited though and can’t wait to have a look. The only thing that didnt set so weel with me was the price of the new iPhone.. $199 for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16GB one. well yes its a lot cheaper than anyone expected, and I’m sure there will be more fanfare and clamor when they go on sale than was the original! Ohdon;t get me wrong, I am truly happy for someone getting it 200 dollars cheaper than what this one was!! I just wish mine was that price!! bet my daughter does too! lol
Well while I’m writing this I may as well add a wish list of things I would like to see at some point with all these upgrades.

  • Video recording
  • MMS capability
  • Audio notes
  • Copy and paste
  • Landscape mode in Text
  • Forward in Text
  • Save pictures from a  website

Well its not hurting to wish is it. I have already seen some nice upgrades in the latest relase and the ones promised in version 2.0 look great as well. Let’s see what July 13th brings :)

iPhone test post with wphone plugin

9 June 2008

just installed the wphone WordPress plugin and giving it a trial run. Nice interface and easy to use, but will it post? We’re about to see ;)

Hey it works :) Ok so I’m easily amused! lol Well my iPhone will load the regular admin interface just fine on the Safari browser, but its a long load time especially when on Edge instead of WiFi and this gives me a quick and easy way to publish a post from wherever I am. Not that I am makinga lot of them to begin with , but you never know when i may have some breaking news to share with the world! Speaking of which, the fiancee visa petition has been officially received and now just waiting to hear the decision I guess! I was hoping some kind of official update from USCIS would be arriving, and it soon may be. I just got the certified mail certificate back yesterday saying they received the application… well stay tuned :) and wish us luck


24 May 2008

I was reading my friend Mike’s blog, The Top of Texas Gazette, the other day and he had found this very cool widget from Feedjit. Its a live traffic feed widget to add to your website, and though its not giving you as much information as a full fledged tracking tool such as Google Analytics, its really a great tool to see quickly where your traffic is coming from and it works very close to real time, well with each page refresh. Mike’s always having some really clever finds posted to his blog as well as a lot of humour, good music, great photo blog posts and even the serious posts as well, a little something for everyone there in the panhandle of Texas, so have a look sometime. ;) Tell him G sent you

The widget is easily customised to incorporate it into your own site or blog. Its a handy tool to see at a quick glance where your traffic is coming from. As he mentioned in his post, he knows where his friends live so he can see at a glance who has dropped by and the same with me, If I see a hit from Lemesos, Cyprus, and I know fairly well thats my baby or one of her friends, and of course Amarillo, Texas is likely Mike. But generally the cities that show are I am guessing where the local traffic from the surrounding areas is routed to. For instance I know he doesnt live in Amarillo, just its the closest relay to him. (I dont know if relay is the correct term but I’m using it ;)! ) Its pretty neat and pretty accurate too. The only thing I can see is it only will show where you came from if you actually select a direct link form some site, just typing in the address wont show up, neither will it show where you left off to unless its a link on the site you are on. . Well its still a great tool I think and I was going to add it to our site on blogger, but my baby beat me to it! Oh she’s getting good now with this sort of thing :) Well I like to think I am teaching her some things , but I think she picks up things a lot better than she lets on ;) It doesnt seem to add much time to loading a page either which is nice, as I already probably have just a few too many things there in the right column as it is increasing the load times and the overall consensus is already saying WordPress is a bit slow to begin with.

I mentioned above about it not showing actually the city you are living in but where the connection is made to the internet. In my case I live very near t the coast of northeastern North Carolina in a town called Grandy. the first time I saw the feed on Mike’s site it has me in Raleigh, NC and yesterday it was showing me in Kenly, NC and today its saying Lillington, NC. Well I have never even heard of either Kenly or Lillington!Well I had to look them up then to see where they were.

Map image

This pin on the far left is Lillington, the next one to it is Kenly and the one in the upper right is where I actually live so you can see its really not so accurate but only to a good size area. Not that it makes a difference really as you know generally when its someone you already know pretty well.  (I love this map feature in Live Writer by the way)

The biggest advantage it has is you can see at a glance when you have had some hits from say a search engine or another blog and what people are actually reading on your site.

Alison Michelle photo retouch

21 May 2008

DSC00992a One of my hobbies is restoring and retouching/enhancing photos and portraits. Now combine that with the fact my beautiful bride to be is 5000 miles away I tend to work a lot on pictures of her! :) I guess in some sense its a touch from far away, well it is for me, each one of the photos is a memory of some event shared between between us, or from some event we attend in our respective countries, but still share them to let the other feel they are joining in the day to day activities. I find myself many nights sitting in front of the pc and looking through all the many we have and often times open up my Paint Shop program and just play around a bit seeing the different effects and moods I can create. And also in some way only those in a long distance relationship can understand, to touch the woman I love! :)

Well tonight I found one that just seemed to be calling to me to open up and do just that. This particular one is cropped from a larger photo, ad i replaced the background and then just gave it a few fixes here and there, these photo filter plugins can really give a normal digital photo a professional look too it. Well I’m not trying to brag, just saying even a regular pic without any other work on can be much improved just applying one of these filters using the default settings. I do ten though to do a few more things first, such as removing a busy background and adding one to focus the attention on the subject, not that my attention is ever long from Alison! ;)

Oh I may get myself in trouble now as I cant remember off hand now what the date was this picture was taken, I want to say late September or early October of last year. It was a wedding she was going to attend and she took a few pics before she went.


Here’s the original… Well not that she doesnt have a lovely home, DSC00992I just thought the plant and the part of the kitchen showing was taking away from over all look of the photo, and I was just wanting all my attention on her :) Well I hope she’s not minding me using the picture, at least its photographic proof of a sort that I was thinking of her tonight! ( Hi baby, I Love you! XXX) 

Well its not really hard to do these if you have had a bit of practice. most of the work is done using layers in the program, well like stacking parts of photos over top of another if you will, except the areas fo some are transparent and what lies underneath shows through those parts. So basically all I did in this one was to add a layer beneath this original and fill it with colour using two shades, the darker around the edges and the lighter bit behind here, just a sort of emphasis and a basic photo backdrop. then I went to the original layer and just erased everything but her. The most time of course is doing the fine lines close to her, which is where I get to have the feeling I am touching her in a sense, so that part takes time and to be honest i am taking my time doing it, I love to lala! ;)  lol well once all the bits not her are removed I simply merge the layers and then go about sorting the colour levels and lighting and deciding what kind of effect i want. In the case of this one it, I basically left it as it was and just maybe added a bit of warmth to it and a just a very slight blur to give it that bit fo a dreamy feeling is what I call it. :)  Anyway just thought I would share with the world what I ahve been up to this evening and now I better go and write my love’s morning mail or she will soon be up and wondering where I am!! Well I think she knows by now I sometimes get sidetracked either with pictures or on YouTube. :) 

Google Friend Connect

17 May 2008

I was just reading this post from ZDNet, Google launches Friend Connect with mixed reviews , and it caught my interest. Well first as a site owner its an ideal way to make just about any site into a social site very quickly and easily. Well they always say easy don’t they, copy and paste some code, etc… well it should work on most sites that allow you to edit html and allow iframes. Friend Connect was just launched a couple of days ago. It’s not being released yet to the public, but there is a preview release sign up link to add your name to the list on their site (remember doing this with GMail?! That turned out to be a pretty good venture I think! ) There’s a preview video, a couple of example sites set up, as well as it already being integrated in one or two existing sites. it looks very promising to me. well not just as something to make your site easily a social one, but one that opens up the web to possiblilites we haven’t yet imagined. it will be more than a passive web in that regard. Imagine just having to remember one or two identities and passwords! And being able to share what you do on one site with another, or not. as you see fit… I welcome it personally as long as we still have the ability to stand back and be a passive user too and not become just a statistic on some hit counter or how deep I followed the links on some ad goal set up on a website… ok that all happens anyway, signed in to anything or not~ ;) But I do like the idea of it and have always been a proponent of the OpenID movement. Just makes sense and makes things simple.. I like simple :)  Of course this being the launch of something new, it will be a work in progress and it seems for now its a bare bones sort of thing with not much control on the aesthetics and tying it into your sites look, but I’m sure as development goes forward we will be able to integrate it seamlessly in a spot on our pages. I’m impressed a lot here lately with the way these large companies now are finally beginning to realise the enduser is fed up of having to feel like he or she has to choose one place over another as their favourite social site, there are always those diehards who will praise myspace over Facebook or vice versa,, well each has its own followers,just they cant interact, well couldn’t i should say. I did see the other day that its now possible to add your Myspace profile and comments to your Facebook profile, and again vice versa. Well that alone was great for me. Oh I am not a big fan of either of them really, but I have family here in the US that uses only Myspace and then Alison and her family and friends are all on Facebook there in the European Union. Well now whichever site I am on I can see at a glance if a new comment has been added to the other.. well i should say it worked a few days ago. As of yesterday Facebook has now banned Google from accessing it so I dont know if thats affected the Facebook/Myspace connection in any way or not. Facebook is saying its protecting its users info as the reason. Well in my opinion thats up to the user isnt it, Facebook is very big on these third party apps to add things to your profile and each one you add is accessing that same info if you opt in to use it. whats the difference? I want to opt in to Friend Connect. I think in this case Facebook has put up a wall that may keep the info in, but it wont keep its users inside for long when they all realise its a whole new web out there. ( shades of the Aol broswer anyone?) Well i will be following this closely and cant wait until its available. I’ll be able to keep up nicely with all my friends, all 7 or 8 of them   LOL ;)

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